PS3 Jailbreak with CFW for 4.82


PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 CFW will grant you System Admin and also you can access the System Software by yourself. Once you jailbroke your PlayStation 3 you can instantly backup your files and save all your content to the ps3. You can play extensions that were not allowed before. Install Game Mods and also run other companys softwares that thefore were not supported by PS3. Before you can do the jailbreak to your ps3, you have to update the firmware of your playstation to the lastest patch and afterwards you can install the JAILBREAKTHINGS PUP using a laptop or computer.


ps3 jailbreak


Last Update for our Flashpatch: October, 2018


Many people ask themself how to jailbreak a ps3, so they search the world wide web and found us. If you want to know how to jailbreak ps3 slim then just keep reading. The most searched application on the website is playstation 3 jailbreak on 4.82 CFW, thats the biggest reason we created our own version of this flash to satify all users need. All steps shown below are very easy to follow if you want some Ps3 Jailbreak using a USB-Stick.However, this also works for the slim and PS3 Super Slim without the need of additional programs. Get your external flash-drive ready and follow my tutorial to break the jail out of your ps3.


How to download PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 CFW:

Follow these simple steps in order to Jailbreak any PlayStation.

-) Requirements

  • PlayStation 3 with Systemsoftware 4.82 or lower
  • USB Stick or external Hard-drive with atleast 200MB Free Space
  • Program to Unzip packed files.(Recommend: WinRAR)


Download the PlayStation 3 4.82 Jailbreak CFW (Zip File)


Download (Alternative)


1. ) Download our Jailbreak 4.82 CFW from the link above

2. ) Unzip the file using WinRAR

jailbreak ps3 2018

3. ) Create a new folder called “PS3” and extract the files there

how to jailbreak ps3 4.82

4. ) Inside the “PS3” Folder create another folder called “UPDATE

5. ) Place PS3UPDAT.PUP into the “UPDATE” folder

ps3 4.82 jailbreak

6. ) Leave static.pup & time.pup in the “PS3” folder


7. ) Put the folder onto the USB Stick or Hard-drive

8. ) Headover to your playstation and plug the USB/Drive into it.

9. ) Turn on the playstation system

10. ) Go to “System Update” -> “Update via Storage Media”. The System will tell you there is a new firmware available which is called “ps3_4.82-cfw”

firmware hack ps3

11. ) Press OK” and check the terms and conditions regarding updating your playstation system. If you got all that just follow the last instruction.

12. ) Let it update from the flash driver, once its finished it will tell you by beeping a few times.

13. ) When the system is finished then turn off the system and leave it off for 2-3 minutes

14. ) Turn back on, if you have done everything correctly it should say “Version 4.82 CFW”

Troubleshooting for PS3 Jailbreak 4.82

Some people have errors while doing the jailbreak, we are here to offer free help to you. First make sure you have completed every single step how we explained it. Second check out the faq section on our website. And if after all that you still have problems with our method then please use the contact form and we will try to help you as soon as possible. You can also checkout the F.A.Q. at the downloads page.